SnowCut Windshield Cover

$19.95 $39.95
✅ Resistant to rain, frost, snow, UV rays, dust, can be used as snow shield cover in winter and windshield visor sunshade in summer as well, keep leaves on the cover in autumn.
✅ Fit most Cars, Minivan and SUV. The Car windshield snow cover is easily folding for storage in the trunk or in rear seats of your vehicle. Unlike other windshield covers, this model covers both the windshield and the wipers to prevent washer fluid from freezing and your wipers from getting stuck.
✅ 6 powerful magnets on the top side to keep the exterior windshield snow cover in place even in windy days, and the two windproof straps on each side to help attach this cover firmly. Even the strongest winds are no match for this windshield, snow covers magnetic grip!
✅ With its security flaps and ties,auto windshield cover can be tucked into your car doors, ensuring that  this front windshield cover can't be stolen easily.The flaps and powerful magnets make sure the cover stay in place perfectly. The light weight windscreen cover is easily folding to store in your vehicles.
✅ Easy To Install, Two flaps on each side for you to shut in car door, and rear view mirror protector to loop around the rear mirror. No tool and extra hand is required. Just cover it and fix the windshield cover with six powerful magnets, then shut the flaps in door, tie the draw-string rear mirror cover.

- Application: Universal
- Size: 210cm * 125cm
- Material: polyester fabric
- Package Content:
  1 x windshield cover
  1 x storage bag